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Children's tableware

Who ate from my little plate?

Child development requires stimulation, especially gross and fine motor skills need to be developed, and senses need to be sharpened. Our children's tableware combines the pleasant with the useful. First, something delicious is placed on the table, which can then be finely chopped with a cute children's dish of your choice and then eaten. This engages all the senses and is presented beautifully and appealingly with specially designed children's tableware. Using a spoon and fork hones fine motor skills, and if something falls, it doesn't really matter. After all, the tableware and cutlery are not made of porcelain.

Ideal for packed lunches and other small snacks

Playing makes you hungry. What could be nicer than finding your packed lunch in one of our beautiful, child-friendly lunchboxes, taking it out, and satisfying your little hunger? They come in different sizes, catering to both small and big appetites.

Also, their various colorful designs make children's eyes light up. They can be securely sealed, so all the packed bites stay fresh for a long time, without drying out or leaking. With these boxes, you're always giving your children a piece of joy along with provisions for their journey through life.

Always up for a little drinking game

We've also thought of something for kids to quench their thirst on the go. In our range, you'll find many pretty drinking bottles and flasks with cute motifs, in which you can transport water, juice, or milk cleanly and leak-proof. But it's not just for when you're out and about that we make thirsty children's eyes light up. Here, the colorful cups and mugs ensure that no throat has to stay dry at home either, and tea, cocoa, juice, or milk can always be presented in an appealing and child-friendly way.

Hickory, dickory, cutlery dock

Little children eat a lot. So that they enjoy it, we have enchanting and sweet cutlery sets for the little ones in our range. They consist of age-appropriately shaped spoon and not too sharp fork. Beautifully shaped, handy, and in colorful designs, handling them is a lot of fun, and even the little ones can eat with them like the grown-ups. Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, they also make their small contribution to sustainability. Bon appétit!

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